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JUNIPER SPRIGS: an upscale blend of fresh evergreens, eucalyptus and fir needles, followed by notes of midnight berry to balance the woody pine and juniper notes.

Key notes: juniper, frozen eucalyptus, berry

My customers keep coming back time and time again to buy our un-bee-lievable beeswax lotion!  One of our largest fan base comes straight from our local RN's.  I use to work in our a nearby hospital and anyone in health care knows what constant hand sanitizing can do during a 12 hr shift, day after day, hour after hour.  We noticed that the only lotion that helped soothe our skin between many, many hand washings was my beeswax lotion.
We start with small batches of our thick, rich beeswax base, warm it up and add clean, premium, phthalate-free fragrances....possibly the best, most unique, fragrances you have ever experienced.  

Our lotion is ready to tackle the driest of skin.  Living in ALASKA since 1978, we know how harsh ALASKA'S rugged weather can treat your skin, so we chose nothing but the best ingredients for our lotion.

Our lotion contains luxury oils such as avocado, coconut and sweet almond oil, and as we already know they are rich in vitamins.

How does it work?  What's so great about it?  When you first apply our lotion, the avocado, coconut and sweet almond oils are absorbed into the skin. Next our beeswax kicks in sealing the moisturizing oils into your skin, keeping it soft all day long. 

And no greasy feeling.   ALL - DAY - LONG!

Not ready to commit to our 8 oz size lotions?  try one or a few of our 2 oz DISCOVERY sizes!  Perfect size for airline carry-on luggage or handbags! 

**Our premium beeswax lotion is light/sunlight sensitive. We pour into amber/pine colored bottles to help block the UV rays, but  please do not store in DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

Happy Shopping!

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Neff
Our Favorite Lotion!

We were given a bottle of this juniper sprigs beeswax lotion as a gift, and we absolutely love it! My husband has awful cracked, dry skin, especially in the winter, due to chemical exposure years ago. This lotion is the only thing we’ve found that helps relieve the cracks and dryness for him. I’m a teacher who washes her hands religiously to avoid the germs and sickness that spread around the classroom like wildfire. My skin has suffered a lot lately as well, and this lotion has done wonders for me too. We will definitely be purchasing more!

Thank you so much Amanda for your amazing review of our premium beeswax lotions. We formulated our lotion thinking of our tough + rough ALASKA weather conditions. So naturally I am pleased our lotions also help hands that were exposed to chemicals (speaking of my husband as well!) Our largest fan base includes RN's and teachers right beside them, as they have to constantly wash hands, all-day-long.
Again, thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review!!!!